Company Overview

Name of the company
Business contents
The import and export and a domestic wholesale trade for conduction parts, Fluid equipment and motor peripheral devices.
Wholesale sales of machine tools/machine tool installation work
Headquarters address
1-4-2 Shitaya Taitou-ku Tokyo,Japan 〒110-8780 phone number +81-3-3843-7251
Company establishment
October, 1947
The capital
100,000,000 yen
Representative name
President-Director Teruhiko Ochiai
Dealing banks
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ head office
The Mizuho Bank Inaricho branch
The number of employees
191 people (June, 2023)
Sales amount
15,825,000,000 yen (June, 2023)

Our Messages

Teruhiko Ochiai

Becoming one with our associates

to find a new tomorrow.
Ochiai—Strength from sincerity.

Ochiai was established in Iriya, Taito Ward, downtown Tokyo, just after World War II in October 1947. From times that were changing at a breathtaking pace, we have continued to do our share, placing emphasis on Japan’s manufacturing prowess up until the present.

As a general trading company, we handle approximately 250,000 kinds of products with our three transmission gear, bearing, and tool departments as our cornerstone. And it was through the warm support of everyone that we were able to see our 75th year of business in 2022.

Staying in line with the times, we started up service with our online ordering system known as Kura in 2009, so that our customers could place orders at any time—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—while at the same time treasuring everything we have built through our long history. Through services like this, we have continued forward in a composed, absolute, and steady manner. We will go on challenging ourselves to flexibly take on anything and everything to come.

Our unwavering stance from the moment of our establishment through to the present day is based on our corporate creed of “Commitment to Expertise”, upon which we place much importance. We have obtained the trust of a large number of customers and achieved all of our accomplishments thus far by concentrating our entire focus on providing support to Japanese manufacturing and having a command on stable business management.

There is no doubt that the spirit incorporated into our corporate creed from the time of the company’s establishment, “Commitment to Expertise”, is an extremely important policy that must be passed onto future generations.

Iriya, in Taito Ward, is a downtown area that still exudes the warmth of residents from yesteryear, and is most familiar to people in the summer because of its Morning Glory Market. The atmosphere of this downtown area in which people take care of each other and work hard to involve themselves in each other’s lives is in perfect alignment with our own corporate culture.

We believe that the turbulent times of this remarkably changing world is when we need to go back to square one and reconsider everything with a sincere heart. We feel that business is done through a connection by mutual feelings, and that should be the posture which a vendor adopts. We also believe good old passion, which we feel is so important, provides us with our strength of incredible individuality in modern times.

While staying true to our traditions over the past 75 years, I have always imagined a bright future. That bright future is comprised of our customers, suppliers, employees, their families, and everyone else around us. I believe that in order to live up to the trust in us held by all and to bring about a bright and glittering future capable of filling people with joy, it is important for us to do all we can now and continue on with our assiduous work in promoting Japan’s manufacturing prowess.

As I express my gratitude to everyone who has supported us through these 75 years and eagerly look forward to your continued support, please also let me also offer my sincere regards to you and your future.

President and Director
Teruhiko Ochiai

Our History

October 2022
75 anniversary
December 2021
Ochiai Keihin Co.,Ltd.merged
September 2021
Kita Kanto Branch newly opened
December 2020
Tohoku Branch opened
May 2018
Higashi Kanto Sales Office opened
October 2017
70 anniversary ceremony at Teikoku Hotel
September 2016
Osaka Branch opened
September 2014
Teruhiko Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
November 2010
The agency right acquisition of FAIRSKQ Co.,Ltd. (FSQ)
April 2010
Tool section is established.
February 2010
The proxy of Kanemitsu Corporation is acquired.
November 2009
Eijirou Ochiai assumes the position of the Chairman of the Chairperson Representative Director.
Shuji Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
October 2007
Kita-Kanto Branch opened
May 2006
Nagoya Branch opened
October 2005
The Ochiai association is started.
April 2004
The agency right acquisition of Kyocera Corporation
October 2003
The agency right acquisition of Ebara Corporation and Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
July 2002
The tool section of Okano equipment Co.,Ltd. integrates it into OCHIAI & CO.,LTD..
March 2002
Kita Ueno building completion
January 2001
The proxy of NTN Corporation is acquired.
June 2000
The proxy of NANSIN Corporation is acquired.
April 2000
The proxy of Kito Corporation is acquired.
January 2000
Headquarters Bearing building completion.
Accordingly, the name of the building foundation was established in place “Tool Building” was renamed.
January 1998
The proxy of OSG Corporation is acquired.
October 1997
50 anniversary ceremony at Teikoku Hotel.
The proxy of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is acquired.
July 1997
Headquarters Bearing building construction.
Itabashi Stock Center was established.
The specialty part system is abolished, and the sales department system is introduced.
The enhancement of the products are attempted as a general trading company by adding “Fluid and Electric machine commodity” to the current products.
The stock control by making of each interbranch online is executed with the headquarters.
The Keihin branch is separated and Ochiai Keihin Co.,Ltd. is established.
The name of the company is changed from the Ochiai Shouten Ltd. to the current company name.
Eijirou Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
Kawaguchi branch opened.
Kawaguchi Boukou Center is eastablished.
Keihin branch opened.
Conduction machine section and Bearing section are established.
Kameido branch opened.
“Towards the supremacy of the highway” Ryoumou delivery service (own delivery service) and begin to strengthen the delivery service.
Itabashi branch opened.
The company is established in Taito-ku, Tokyo.




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